Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Master Bubba

By far this is one of the top notch buds out there it is a rare delicacy being crossed with master og X bubba og. The smell is very tingly on the nose with a really strong earthy smell this kush will put you in the essence of god himself. The external beauty of the nugs will practically burn your retina with such wonderful orange hues and enough crystals to make you think you're inside a mine.The taste is skunky with some spicy in it and as far as the high goes its a good 8 will put you in the couch for a good minute thinking on what to do next. If you're having difficulty paying attention this medicated herb will help you get the ability to think a little more comprehensively.If you're a connoisseur or just any other person that is willing to try some new hybrid i highly recommend this as it will make you feel very relaxing and self-intrigue