Friday, June 17, 2011


  This rare crossed of aghani og and white widow will have you in pure awe just in admiration. its light bright yellow- green hint of rose covered in trichromes looks has you wanting to smell this beauty. taking it apart takes much patients as smoking for its a very dense and tight bud. you'll have your finger licked after its first bowl. the smell is very skunky like with a touch of rose like pedals. if you're rolling a blunt make sure you pack as much as you can for its potency isn't as great as its looks but for the price of 15 a gram what else can you ask. dont let the mediocre of the afgoo kush fool you these strains are very powerful and if you come across any afgoo its a must try! the taste is very like white widow its on the sweet bit tense and sweeter than most afgoo strains i've ever tried, but still a bit woodsy skunk.  the high its the best for its an instant cold followed by a really stuffy like sensation that will have your eyes feeling it. the afgooey high is almost like afgoo instead its more sativa dominant which will have you couch lock for hours to come. over all the experience was intense at its high peek rating it at a great 8 in a ten line scale.