Wednesday, February 15, 2012

blueberry og kush

This strain is by far my favorite grow/smoke ever! I only wanted to get an ounce off my 1 plant just to sample the strain, so I only vegged for two-weeks before switching it to 12/12. I grew the plant in 5 gallons of all organic potting soil, I kept the plant outside from early morning to evening to get the sunlight, but then I took it inside and gave it the remaining hours it needed under a 600w HPS. Flowering ended up taking 58 days and I reached my small goal of an ounce. I harvested the plant and kept it intact to slowly dry for about a week before manicuring the buds and placing them in a papper bag to dry, then after 3 days of being inside the bag I put all the buds into a glass jar to cure. The buds have been curing for about a week now and I just smoked a bowl! Upon breaking a fat nug up, an insanley intense fruity smell broke into the air, it was the best smelling scent I have ever imagined! After breaking the nug in half my fingers were stuck together with sticky resin, so I packed about .5 into my bong and proceeded to shnap the bowl. The taste was just like the smell, intensley fruity and stayed in my mouth for a good 30mins after the hit. The high came on instantly and was almost overwhelmingly uplifting, it made me feel like I was almost floating and light. This is by far the best smoke I have ever had, even better than the blueberry I sampled in A-Dam from the De Damkring cofee shop!
Overall Rating: 9 Effect: All in the head, legs,arms.. 
Potency: 10 Stature: Somewhat short and squat 
Yield: 7 Phenotype: Mixed, primarily Indica 
Ease: 7 Indoor: 55 to 60 days 
Appearance: 10 Outdoor: Varied maturation times 
Odor Level: 10 Odor: Undeniably fruity 
Taste Level: 10 Taste: It leaves the fruitiest taste ever in your mouth!