Sunday, November 21, 2010

blue wreck

so today i ran out of my recent pick up which was master og and after not having bud for almost a whole day i decided to go get some medication.At first i was undecided on what to get so i started looking around for a bit and after stumbling upon blue wreck i decided to give it a try. The price was relatively cheap so that kind of threw me off but to my surprise I ended up over thinking it because this bud right here well get you lifted on the first bowl. the high was  a good 6 reaching a 7 at its peak and for ten a gram i could not go wrong. so for all you cannabis connesouirs if you can get a hold of this strain i recommend it for the price youre paying you'll sure get your moneys worth. The nugs are very dense and sticky with a great fruity smell like berries.since i prefer my medication in blunts i ended up rolling three blunts with a 1.8 which is quite a lot for that amount.