Monday, November 22, 2010

Ice Kush

So yesterday I had some nugs of bluewreck as you know by now that herb has potency enough to keep you moving all day not as strong as what i recently acquired today.Where to start, at first glance ice kush is just simply what it is icy;however, the smell is very lemony sort of a citrus.The smell will put you in a sense of pure joy and bliss as i took it out the container it came in i noticed that it was very sticky and crystalized so thats when i decided to pack my favorite foot long the first hit is all you need to feel the effects of this strain. the taste is sort of like the smell which to my surprise was definitely what i expected of it. The medication lasted around half-an hour which is pretty long for the price it was received. Ice kush will live to its reputation as one of the good looking herbs out there if you can get a hold of this herb go a head you will be surprise how this kushhits you.