Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Master Bubba

By far this is one of the top notch buds out there it is a rare delicacy being crossed with master og X bubba og. The smell is very tingly on the nose with a really strong earthy smell this kush will put you in the essence of god himself. The external beauty of the nugs will practically burn your retina with such wonderful orange hues and enough crystals to make you think you're inside a mine.The taste is skunky with some spicy in it and as far as the high goes its a good 8 will put you in the couch for a good minute thinking on what to do next. If you're having difficulty paying attention this medicated herb will help you get the ability to think a little more comprehensively.If you're a connoisseur or just any other person that is willing to try some new hybrid i highly recommend this as it will make you feel very relaxing and self-intrigue

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Master Kush

Another day another strain(:. today's strain was master kush this bud produces some of the best looking nugs, literally covered in what appears to be small white crystals, offering an instant wow factor upon inspection, this strain is no joke. There are, or may be in some batches, very small hints of purple… The most impressive visual aspect is that the nugs appear almost light green due to the number and dense distribution of the crystals. As far as the potency goes its a solid 6 nice hybrid good for relaxation in case you're stressed out. nice looking nugs over all and the smell is very strong kush smell  with some lemon blend.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ice Kush

So yesterday I had some nugs of bluewreck as you know by now that herb has potency enough to keep you moving all day not as strong as what i recently acquired today.Where to start, at first glance ice kush is just simply what it is icy;however, the smell is very lemony sort of a citrus.The smell will put you in a sense of pure joy and bliss as i took it out the container it came in i noticed that it was very sticky and crystalized so thats when i decided to pack my favorite foot long the first hit is all you need to feel the effects of this strain. the taste is sort of like the smell which to my surprise was definitely what i expected of it. The medication lasted around half-an hour which is pretty long for the price it was received. Ice kush will live to its reputation as one of the good looking herbs out there if you can get a hold of this herb go a head you will be surprise how this kushhits you.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

blue wreck

so today i ran out of my recent pick up which was master og and after not having bud for almost a whole day i decided to go get some medication.At first i was undecided on what to get so i started looking around for a bit and after stumbling upon blue wreck i decided to give it a try. The price was relatively cheap so that kind of threw me off but to my surprise I ended up over thinking it because this bud right here well get you lifted on the first bowl. the high was  a good 6 reaching a 7 at its peak and for ten a gram i could not go wrong. so for all you cannabis connesouirs if you can get a hold of this strain i recommend it for the price youre paying you'll sure get your moneys worth. The nugs are very dense and sticky with a great fruity smell like berries.since i prefer my medication in blunts i ended up rolling three blunts with a 1.8 which is quite a lot for that amount.