Saturday, June 4, 2011

kindom king

Birth Community 
This character was raised in a Large City: This is a dominant city in the countries landscape. They support your usual residents of laborers, farmers, and craftsmen, but also educators, doctors, multiple guilds and religious factions as well. Population ranges from 15,000 to 30,000. 

Family and Status 
Middle Class: Employees, General Laborer. Economic Status: Poor: Your family had no money. They may have had to beg or steal for food. They own nothing of value. 

Social Standing 
Nobility: Your family was considered to be at the very top of their community. 

Private Ethics 
Bad: Your family was often seen as taking actions against the community. Whether this was outright harm, or caught many times in criminal acts that were public. 

Unknown: Your family has no preconceived character with their community. Little is known about them and little is questioned. 

None particular. Magic: An ancestor created or owned an item of specific and well known ability. It may or may not be a family heirloom. 

Childhood Events 
Personal Event: You had a brush with greatness, whether it was meeting a king or well known legendary knight or warrior, contacted by a divine entity or other worldly being. 

Youth Events 
Crisis: This includes earthquakes, climate shifts, famine, plague, and floods. 

Romantic Rival: You beat someone out of someone’s affection and another who was pining for their attention feels wronged and holds a grudge.